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Convert your planner into an online
3d experience

Put Your Planner In Their Hands

Canvas Gadget's interactive 3D Planner View looks and behaves like the real thing, allowing your customers to flip through every page from any device.

Your customers want to see inside before they buy.  Canvas Gadget helps you show them your planner content without running the potential risk of having them print it off themselves without purchasing.  Let them see the amazing layouts, spreads, and features that make your planner stand out from all the others!

More "R" In Your ROI

In order for you to set yourself apart and see a good return on your investment (ROI), you must have a cost-effective and attention-grabbing sales experience that not only answers customers questions, but also gets them engaged. 

Simple images, videos, news letters, and ads often are not compelling enough to either grab a customer's attention or properly convey product messaging.

Stop Telling - Start Showing!
Bringing attention to your planner can be a real challenge, especially if you only have a couple of simple images and a description. Stop telling them about your product and start letting them experience it for themselves. Don’t worry, implementing Canvas Gadget's 3D marketing content is as easy as adding a single line of code to your website.
create marketing content step 1
Step 1
Tell us about your planner.
create 360 product step 2
Step 2
Let us build the experience for you.
market online step 3
Step 3
Implement on your site with one line of code.

See Your Product Everywhere!

Canvas Gadget uses a “create once, deploy everywhere” approach to developing your interactive 3D content. Built on WebGL technology, Canvas Gadget content doesn't require any special browser plugins and requires only a single line of code to implement. All canvas Gadget marketing content is optimized to run effortlessly on any device, including computers, tablets, and mobile devices. This means lower content creation costs and faster go-to-market times.
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