3 Ways to Leverage 360° Content Marketing that Boosts Success

There’s no question that 360° Content Marketing is the next big thing in online marketing. There are dozens of proven benefits of using it, but for simplicity’s sake, let’s take a look at three. 360° content marketing has the ability to put your content in motion, create better engagement, and increase sales conversions. Collectively, these key perks can boost your marketing success in amazing ways. 

Put Your Content In Motion 

Tell a story beyond videos! Although video can be an effective marketing tool at times, inevitably it still leaves customers with questions like, “what are the product’s dimensions? How does it actually work? What does it look like on the inside?” Even if you crammed all of that information into a video, are your customers willing to stick around long enough to watch it?

By contrast, 360° content marketing puts your product in motion in such a way that it invites your customers to engage and interact with your product directly.  Not only will you address these and other questions much more quickly, but you will also do so at the customer’s pace.

For example, one customer might be interested in what the back of a product looks like, while another might want to know what a particular feature is for.  By taking advantage of the fact that your product can be viewed from any angle and that you can highlight any feature, you eliminate customer risk while educating them on things they might have otherwise been unaware of.

Don’t get stuck with still images or even video; let your customers experience your product in motion!

Create Better Engagement 

Getting your potential customer’s attention is hard enough on its own, but what do you do to keep their attention once you’ve gotten it?  How do you keep their interest and really educate them about your product

Well, 360° content marketing does exactly that.  By creating instant engagement, it encourages them to stick around long enough for you to convey your marketing message.  Who doesn’t love to touch and handle stuff while testing out different colors with the click of a button or the tap of a screen?  We are largely interactive creatures, and we enjoy it when a product responds to us.  Why should marketing be any different

Engagement equals sales and a successful bottom line, so why not let your customers connect with your product in a way that not only feels natural but also educates them in the process?

Increase Sales Conversions

The ability to put your product in motion and create better engagement ultimately results in increased sales conversions.  You’re essentially putting your product in your customers’ hands!  Because your customers can see how your product works and interact with it, they develop a higher confidence in your product and are much more likely to make a purchase.

Most people enjoy being wowed by new and innovative ideas and products, and 360° content marketing provides customers that desired “wow” factor.  It shows them exactly what they’re getting when they go to buy. 

360° marketing content generates between 2 and 5 times the conversion rates and pageviews than traditional online content (see source here and here), with some clients seeing sales increases as high as 10x!

With its ability to put your product in motion, create better engagement, and increase sales conversions, it’s no wonder that 360° content marketing is a growing trend in today’s online marketing strategies. Why not be an early adopter and join in the fun of this amazing new technology?