The Best Way to Make a Planner Flip Through Video

Planner Flip Through


There are a lot of folks selling planners in 2019.  It is a great niche product with a low overhead to produce.  Many planner businesses have a successful blog, podcast, or social media presence and have leveraged that following to sell more planners, agendas, and diaries.

In fact, if you search for the term “planner flip through” you will find page after page of results showing youtube videos of various planner sellers and bloggers flipping through the pages of one popular planner or another. These videos are intended to give you a look inside the planner. Every planner is different and suited to different target consumers. It is important to convey the layout and content of the planner so that interested customers are confident that the one they choose is right for them.

Making these planner flip through videos look good is an arduous and often expensive process. You will need a good HD camera, a tripod to mount it on, and some studio lighting. The whole ordeal takes a lot of time to set up and film properly, otherwise the results will look terrible.

Another option to create quality planner flip through videos is to hire a professional photographer.  That will most likely cost you at least a few hundred dollars if not more. This cost is likely too high for smaller companies, especially since a lot of planners are updated each season, which would require a new video to be produced.

This need to show the content and layout of planners with quality video is what inspired us here at Canvas Gadget to create incredibly high-quality 3D planner videos. Our planner videos are affordably priced at under $200 and look and feel like a high budget production. They easily outperform any traditional planner flip through video filmed with a camera for 2 main reasons. First, because our videos are 3D renderings, we can show the audience the planner pages turning beautifully without someone’s hands in the shot or heavy editing.  Second, it only takes us a couple of hours to produce 3D planner videos and as mentioned before the cost is low. Check out this example!

How does it work?

We have a unique system of converting planners into 3d. All we need to do it is a PDF of the planner along with a reference photo.  Our specially designed set of tools allows us to accurately build the binding, regardless if it is spiral, disc, or ring bound. The whole process is quick and efficient and the end results are incredibly faithful to the actual physical planner.

Want to learn more about 3D planner videos?  Visit or email Hunter at We would love to hear from you!