Why Canvas Gadget Out-Performs 360° Product Photography



360° product photography is the new trend for online sellers.  The draw with this kind of showcasing is that it allows customers to see all the way around a product.  However, there are several frustrating drawbacks with 360° product photography that Canvas Gadget addresses.

It’s Timely and Costly to Create

It’s important to understand how 360° product photography works.  In a nutshell, creating this kind of photography amounts to placing an item on a turntable and capturing it one frame at a time.  The downside is that it is essentially a stop-motion video.  

Creating this kind of product photography requires expensive hardware that limits the size of the object you can photograph.  You’ll also need special stitching software to put it together in a useable video format.  The time and financial requirements for this method aren’t fun for anyone.

Canvas Gadget solves all of these issues and more.  Canvas Gadget is comprised of a digital replica of the actual product that’s rendered in real time so that customers can fully interact with it.  It isn’t a video at all.

All you need to do for a Canvas Gadget 360° product view is submit a few photos of your product that you snap with your phone, and we take care of the rest.  There are no limits to the size of object; there is no extra hardware or software required; turnaround time is quick; and the price point can’t be beat.  We remove the element of frustration.

It’s Limited to A Specific Viewpoint

360° product photography is also limited to just one viewpoint.  Although you can see the product while it rotates, this kind of photography doesn’t let a customer see above or underneath the product, meaning that they’re still missing key perspectives.  It also doesn’t let customers zoom in and out or select their preferred color choice.

Canvas Gadget, on the other hand, offers a great solution to this limitation.  Instead of using a fixed view, Canvas Gadget allows the customer to see all the ins and outs of a product from any angle.  Customers can pinch, zoom, and rotate the product however they wish.  They can see the the product from the top, from underneath, or from any other angle they choose, giving them a much better understanding of the product.  

It Doesn’t Show How A Product Works

Not only is 360° product photography expensive, time-consuming, and limited, it additionally can’t show a customer the product in action.  If your product has a moving part, how in the world do you show that to your customer?

Once again, Canvas Gadget comes to the rescue.  Not only is Canvas Gadget simple, affordable, and helpful for the customer, but it can also show your customers exactly how your product works, too.  With the added bonus of animation, customers can interact with your product from any angle all while seeing it in action.

Why does animation matter?  It can show customers exactly how your product works, it offers them the ability to see the product in various colors, it helps to better educate customers on your product, and it completely ups the “wow factor” because they’re able to do so much more with the product. 

It Requires Individual Photo Shoots for Each Style or Color

Lastly, 360° product photography requires individual photo shoots for each and every variation of a product.  Let’s say you sell a product that comes in three colors.  You would need to do a photo capture for each of those three color options, making sure the lighting is exactly right, taking the time to stitch all of those photo shoot images together into a video, and then uploading those resource-intensive videos onto your website.  It’s a cumbersome process at best and can be flat-out frustrating.

Canvas Gadget, on the other hand, makes color choices a breeze.  With just a click of a button, your customers can view your item in whatever color or style option they’d like.  More than that, adding color options doesn’t add any more time or pressure to your plate, but it does make a world of difference to your customer!  Plus, with Canvas Gadget, you don’t need to worry about lighting or video creation at all.  The lighting is our job, and since it’s not a video, there’s no editing required!  

Another great bonus about Canvas Gadget is that it is very resource-light.  Because we don’t use large images, Canvas Gadget won’t slow down your site.  360° product photography needs anywhere from 60-120 images, depending on how smooth and crisp you want your videos to play.  But who wants to wait 20 seconds or more for load times?  Most people won’t hang around that long, so you need something that will immediately grab their attention.

360° product photography does have advantages over traditional still images, but why not go a step further and use Canvas Gadget instead?  Not only is Canvas Gadget less costly and faster, but it also offers unlimited viewpoints, shows how your product works, allows your customer to easily select any color or style, and is very resource-light.  It’s a win-win-win for both you and your customer!