A 360 Product Viewer Gives You An Edge Over The Competition


Selling online can be a fiercely competitive market, especially if there are lots of other people selling similar products.  A good example of this is prefabricated custom structures and sheds. There are literally thousands of small businesses that offer prefabricated structures just in the U.S. alone.  This is because the logistics of shipping something like a structure is very expensive, and it makes sense for a company that provides this to serve a local region. Because of the lack of behemoth-sized corporations in this niche market, it has opened up a lot of business for smaller companies, and there are a lot of these out there.  This also means that there is lots of competition!

Engaging Your Audience Online Leads to Results

When shopping for custom structures online, a simple Google search will yield almost limitless results.  There are hundreds of companies that provide prefabricated buildings, with various options including colors, and window or door layouts.  A lot of these companies also have overlapping service territories. With so many online buying options available, there are a few key factors that can lead to success.  One is the convenience, as folks in the market for a new shed or gazebo want to see lots of options, colors, and designs to find something that fits their needs and taste. A 360° product viewer or 3D configurator is a fantastic solution for this!  It allows the viewer to easily try out different color options, trim, roofing styles, and so much more. Plus, there is a big psychological advantage to a 3D product viewer, because once someone takes time to personalize or configure a product, a mental attachment to that product starts to form, and the odds that they will make a purchase shoot up.  This kind of user engagement or interactive content marketing strategy is being adopted by more and more companies online.

Product Configurators Are the New Thing

Product configurators and companies that provide this as a service are popping up everywhere.  What makes Canvas Gadget unique is we have a high fidelity 3D product configurator that integrates seamlessly into any website and is compatible with all devices.  Here you can see an example of our unique configurator:


Our web-based 3D is cutting edge and will never slow down a viewer's experience.  In fact, the Canvas Gadget 360° product viewer loads just as fast as a traditional photo gallery, and the cost of the service is competitive with photography as well.  

Are you interested in using web-based 3D technology to market products online? Drop us a line, we would love to hear from you!