360° Product Views Make Tycoons of Clever Tinkerers

It has never been easier to reap the rewards of success from a good idea.  Crowdfunding platforms have become a possible source of capital for projects that otherwise would never get off the ground.  3D printing technology allows innovative garage inventors to produce products without the high cost and large minimum runs of traditional manufacturing.  Brick and mortar stores are quickly losing ground to online sellers because anyone can create a web page and sell online. These factors, when properly combined, provide those with good ideas the necessary tools to be vastly successful.

3D Online

Another innovative 3D tech tool is the online 360° product view. This gives viewers the ability to see a product or idea from any angle, and web-based 3D can even show moving parts in action!  This method of educating the viewer is unparalleled by videos or photos and is an engaging and fun experience. 360° product views are also a great way to build hype for a crowdfunding campaign. It can integrate seamlessly with any platform, and it will go a long way toward demonstrating unique ideas to the audience while presenting an image of innovation and forward thinking.  Web-based 3D technology is affordable and readily available; however, few people are taking advantage of it. It is a perfect time become an early adopter and differentiate your brand.

Get a Feel for the Product

360° product views are the best way to get a sense of the look and feel of something short of actually holding it in your hands.  They can be used to easily demo color choices and features, which makes them perfect for visualizing a design before actually have something built.  This can allow for critical review stages and testing without wasting resources. Also, because it is web-based and compatible across all platforms, it is super easy to share and view on a variety of devices.

Speed and Simplicity

One of the things that sets Canvas Gadget apart from other online 3D platforms is speed and simplicity.  Integrating Canvas Gadget into your website won’t slow things down. In fact, a traditional photo gallery can use more data and cause slower loading times.  This is really great news for mobile, as anyone who browses the web with their phone knows the frustration of a site that isn’t optimized properly. A lot of people assume that integrating 360° product views into their website is a difficult or complicated process, but that is not true. With Canvas Gadget, it is as easy as copy and paste.  Here is an example:

Are you interested in incorporating 3D into your website?  Let us know, we would love to hear from you!