Online 360° Views Tell Your Story

Here at Canvas Gadget, we love to work with innovative people who have great ideas and products.  One of the greatest advantages of online 360° view technology is that it tells a story in a unique and interesting way that just can’t be achieved with other approaches.  It shows people what is cool about a gadget or device in a fun way.  

Canvas Gadget's online 360° views tell your story, provide your customer a view from every angle, and never slow down your site.  There are so many advantages with this technology!

Telling Our Client’s Story

We recently worked with a company called Isovox that has a super cool and innovative product: Portable Vocal Studios. The reason the folks at Isovox approached us is that they were having some trouble educating their customers about just how they’re product works. I mean, what exactly is a portable vocal box?  It sounds like a compelling idea that could save a lot of vocalists some serious dough, but how does something like that work?

We were so happy they came to us with this problem, because Canvas Gadget’s online 3D visualization platform was the perfect solution to their problem. They absolutely loved what we put together for them! Check it out and be sure to click those animation buttons on the right:

Never Miss an Angle

Seeing how the product is easily assembled and totally portable just gives the viewer a delightful experience and a confident understanding of what this product is about and how it works.  For online shoppers, it can be very frustrating when they are interested in a product but traditional photos just don’t really show how it works, and so they are likely to go shop elsewhere. Nobody wants to buy something without confidence. Doing a good job of educating your potential customers about the product that they are interested in is a key path to success in the online marketplace.

Faster is Better 

Something we are proud of at Canvas Gadget is the impressive speed and simplicity of our 3D viewer!  Nobody wants to wait around while your page loads, and our product will never slow that down. In fact, it is much faster than many traditional photo galleries that have to load tons of photos in the background, slowing everything down. Another thing we have worked hard to accomplish is ease of use.  Someone once said that “if something needs an instruction manual, then it doesn’t work properly,” and we take this concept seriously.  Installing our 3D viewer on a website is as easy as copying and pasting one time. It would take longer to set up a photo gallery, and of course, Canvas Gadget works flawlessly on all platforms.

Online 360° views do an amazing job of telling a company's story, and they also show how a product works from every angle.  More than that, Canvas Gadget will never slow down your site, unlike traditional photography and video.  This revolutionary technology is available right now, and we couldn't be more excited about the possibilities it offers!

Can you think of a cool product that deserves to be seen in beautiful 3D online?  Let us know. We would love to hear about it!