College Bed Lofts Engages With Their Customers Using A Canvas Gadget 360 Product View

We were thrilled to work with College Bed Lofts, one of Canvas Gadget's newest clients.  College Bed Lofts was quick to implement their Canavs Gadget model that features one of their custom-made loft beds. 

Their customers can now view this bed from every angle, counting the support slats under the mattress, noting the shelving detail on both sides of the bed, and seeing the direction of the wood grain on the desk.  Customers can also see how the back of the bed is constructed, something that most photographs wouldn't have been able to demonstrate. 

With the ability to zoom in and out, you can really get a feel for the amazing features of this stunning loft bed!  Want to see it for yourself?  Head right here to interact with College Bed Lofts' virtual loft bed and experience it first hand. 

We loved working with College Bed Lofts and would love to help you with your digital marketing needs as well.  Feel free to vist our pricing page or reach out to us any time via our contact page!