Top 6 Things Every Crowdfunding Project Needs

Crowdfunding projects are everywhere these days.  So how do you make your crowdfunding campaign successful when people have so many options to support? Here are 5 things every crowdfunding project needs, including yours, in order to achieve success.

Know Your Target Audience

There’s no point in trying to convince a cat owner to purchase a bird cage.  No matter how sturdy the cage is or how much you discount the price, a cat owner is never going to invest in bird equipment.

When it comes to your crowdfunding project, you need to market to your target audience or else your time will have been wasted.  So how do you find your target audience?

  • Find out who your competitors are targetin

  • Ask questions of your followers that elicit a response

  • Test sample audiences to see who responds the best

Create An Attention-Grabbing Hook

How often do you begin watching a movie or TV show only to try something different after a few minutes of a boring intro?  It probably happens more often than you might even realize.  Movie producers, radio show hosts, and writers and authors have a fleeting few moments to capture your attention before you flip to something else.  With the millions of choices available today, no one’s going to waste time on something that doesn’t immediately captivate them.

The same goes with your crowdfunding campaign.  With so many of them vying for people’s time and investment, if yours doesn’t immediately grab them, they’ll move on.

So create an attention-grabbing hook and catch them right away.  This could be in the form of an emotional story, a bold statement, or even an eye-catching video.  Just make sure your prospective investors get pulled into your campaign the moment they click through to it.

Plan for Marketing and Spending

What happens when you fail to plan what you'll do with your investors' money? It won't do you any good. If you don't have a plan for marketing and spending in place before you receive investments, you won't be able to successfully utilize the investments you get.

Have a plan firmly in place before you advertise your project.  Plans can always be tweaked later on, but not having a plan to begin with is akin to sabotaging your efforts from the outset.

Passion for Your Project

No one, and I mean NO ONE, will ever have as much passion for your project as you do.  So if you aren’t completely sold out on the concept of your project, you’ll never convince anyone else to jump on board.  Passion for your crowdfunding campaign is an absolute must.  Otherwise, you’d be better off not creating a campaign in the first place.

Create An Effective Pitch Video

Video can be a great way to help your investors understand what it is you’re offering.  By putting together a short pitch video for your potential backers, you can quickly and easily show them what your crowdfunding campaign is all about.  More than that, they can begin connecting with you since they get to see and hear about your passion for your project.  

As effective as pitch videos can be, however, they do come with some limitations.  For example, video creation can be very costly, often running between $3-10K per video (see source here).  They also take time to create and can set your calendar back by a month or more (source).  And while potential investors can see you demonstrate your project, they can’t interact with it themselves.  And if your product has multiple assets or color options, chances are good that you won’t be able to demonstrate all the available choices.

And that brings us to our 6th thing your crowdfunding project needs:

360 Marketing

Everyone under the sun has photos, explainer videos, and written descriptions of their projects. But hardly anyone is using 3D interactive marketing to give their customers an inside reveal!  Why not be the first and set yourself lightyears apart from the competition?

Canvas Gadget’s unique 360 marketing gives you the step ahead that you need.  By providing interactive 3D marketing for your project in an affordable, timely manner, your investors can get a look and feel for your campaign that photos and videos simply can’t achieve.  Choose from a variety of affordable pricing plans designed to fit even the most modest advertising budgets.  

You can view a Canvas Gadget demo right here.

Crowdfunding campaigns may be popular today, but by knowing your target audience, creating an attention-grabbing hook, having a plan for marketing and spending, cultivating a passion for your project, and using 360 marketing, your crowdfunding campaign is sure to take off.  

You can stand out above the crowd!