4 Ways Interactive Content Marketing Is Better for Business



Interactive Content Marketing is beginning to make a wave in online selling.  Although ICM is relatively new, its cousin, Virtual Reality (VR), has been around the entertainment industry for quite some time now.  Because of VR’s popularity, Interactive Content Marketing (ICM) is the next logical step for online marketers.  Whereas VR is most frequently used for enjoyment, ICM boasts serious marketing and business capabilities.

Interactive content marketing has quickly developed into a powerful marketing tool that creates a radically different marketing landscape than most people are currently using.  It allows customers to test-drive a product before committing to buy.  It also encourages active customer participation, boosts customer loyalty, and offers easier customer education.  There is no other technology available today that offers so much value!

Test-Drive A Product

No one purchases an untested vehicle.  If you’re in the market for a new car, you want to know how well it handles, how smoothly it runs, and how comfortable it is.  The best way to determine these things is to take it for a drive.

The same is true with making an online purchase.  If you’re going to purchase a product, you want to know as much about that product as possible before committing to buy so that you can avoid buyer’s remorse.  

This is what makes interactive content marketing so valuable.  Its ability to let your potential customers rotate, zoom in and out, and see your product in action is the best way to let them experience your product before they commit to buy it.

Gain Active Participants

Have you ever been to a lecture or presentation where the audience feels completely dead?  The speaker asks questions and tries to get the attendees to participate but is met with blank stares.  Whether you’re a guest lecturer or an online seller, no one wants an inactive audience!

Interactive content marketing is especially effective in cultivating an engaging customer experience and markets your products and services in a fresh, new way.  One of the biggest advantages of ICM is that it allows customers to fully immerse themselves into your product.  Customers become active participants in your marketing campaign instead of passive bystanders.

Experience is key to customer engagement, and customer engagement is key to sales.  And interactive content marketing is the key that unlocks the experience that ultimately leads to more sales.

Boost Customer Loyalty

What was the make of your first car?  Or what was your first credit card - MasterCard or Visa?  Studies have shown that people are fiercely loyal to their original brands.  Why?  It’s what they’re familiar with.

Interactive content marketing’s aim is to give customers an immersive, interactive experience that increases the customer’s association with the product.  Research has shown that on average, people need to be introduced to a concept 7 times before they will commit to buy.  By allowing your customer to interact with your product, however, ICM is designed to build familiarity and thus boost customer loyalty.

This digital technology helps brands connect with people in unique ways to bring them closer together through product engagement, thus resulting in better customer loyalty.  Better yet, it gives customers the opportunity to interact with and experience brands in a way that they normally couldn’t do without meeting in person!

Easily Educate Your Customer

Every online retailer wants to educate their customers about the products they sell.  By allowing them to have a more realistic educational experience through the digital world, interactive content marketing helps you teach your customers all about your product - what it is, what it does, how it works.

ICM helps your customers visualize how your products and services will work both before and after purchasing.  It immerses your customers in an environment that communicates your company’s brand values in a direct way, helping them to easily understand what you’re all about.  And it can do all of that in just a few seconds’ time - no need for a long explainer video that they likely won’t sit all the way through!

Interactive content marketing is revolutionary in its many capabilities.  It allows customers to test-drive products, increases active customer participation, boosts customer loyalty, and offers easier customer education.  And the potential doesn’t end there.  Experts agree that the future of interactive content marketing will offer even more powerful benefits to both businesses customers alike.  

How will you begin to use this new technology for your company?