Simple Stories Gives Their Customers A Sneak Peek Using Canvas Gadget

Simple Stories reached out to us after seeing one of our other planner customers using Canvas Gadget.  We were thrilled to help Simple Stories bring their planners to life with a 360° view!  Simple Stories' planners have some amazing features about them that aren't available in any other planner, and they wanted to be able to show their customers the inside of their planner without having to give away sample pages or the PDF version.  

We especially love Simple Stories' snap covers and beautiful sticker pages that come with each of their boxed sets.   They really help these planners stand out above the crowd!  Flip through the pages of the above 360° view to see them.  Want your very own Simple Stories planner?  Visit their website right here to see all the options!

Working with Simple Stories was a great experience, and we'd love to help you get started on bringing your products to life, too!  Just visit our pricing page here to get started.