The Unrealized Possibilities of Web-Based 3D

The ability to view and interact with 3D models and objects online has been around for a while now, and the surprising quality that is possible today is nothing short of impressive.  Anything from hi-tech gadgets, people, retail products, and even conceptual ideas can be illustrated and realized in full 3D directly from your computer’s internet browser, smartphone, tablet, etc. Of course, here at Canvas Gadget, we specialize in online 3D visualization.  Here is an example of what I am talking about:

Why Aren’t More People Using This?

As cool and readily available as this tech is, it is sadly under-utilized today. So why aren’t more folks embracing this tech?  The answer is that most people’s perceptions are outdated.  

Not long ago, anything related to 3D visualization was very expensive and often times difficult to implement, especially online.  Because of this, people generally think that, while 3D stuff is really cool, it is out of reach for anyone with a modest budget. This, however, is not true.  You can get web-based 3D visualizations for around the same cost as professional photography (and often for even less!), and it is just as easy to put on your website. That being said, when shopping online or visiting any website, you will very rarely run across 3D or 360° views.  This is really unfortunate because the wide range of things that would benefit from dynamic views, only provided in 3D, are almost endless.  Here are just a few:

Online Shopping

This one is quite obvious.  3D product views dramatically increase viewer engagement and help to establish a “cutting edge” image for the seller.  And with a price point on par with professional photography, it is surprising how only a few people are taking advantage of this.

Pitching Ideas

3D is a great way to convey a lot of information efficiently, and it will impress your audience.  You can integrate this tech into your traditional pitch deck for great results, or even send it directly to your audience to view on their phones or tablets.  This is a great way to innovate your brand and get a leg up on the competition.

Education and Training

The advantages of experiencing something in three dimensions is staggering when applied to education or training purposes.  For example, if you have ever assembled something complex by following an instruction manual, then I am sure you have been frustrated by lack of information.  Two-dimensional diagrams and written instructions often come up very short, whereas seeing something in 3D conveys the relevant information instantly.

Improved online shopping, idea pitching, and education and training are just a few of the applications benefitted by web-based 3D.  

Would online 3d visualization benefit you in some way?  Drop us a line - we would love to hear about it!