5 Winning Strategies for Launching Your Crowdfunding Campaign

Does the thought of launching a crowdfunding campaign intimidate you?  Maybe you’re not sure how to go about doing it.  

Here are 5 winning strategies for launching your crowdfunding project.

Launch to An Engaged Audience

Before you launch, you need an engaged audience to launch to.  Begin building an email list.  Gather followers across your social media platforms.  Produce clickable, shareable content.  

As your audience grows, engage with them and encourage them to interact.  Ask questions that prompt responses.  Share others’ content that resonates with your readers.  Get everyone excited about your coming campaign.


Choose the Right Platform

There are options upon options when it comes to crowdfunding platforms.  From GoFundMe and IndieGoGo to Kickstarter and others, you have no shortage from which to choose.  But each one has its own unique offerings, and it’s likely that one will suit your needs better than the rest.

So do your research.  Find out what each platform has to offer and what each one’s drawbacks are.  Make a list of the things that are most crucial to your specific launch and choose accordingly.  The last thing you need to be worrying about when your campaign begins is whether or not the platform’s technology is going to hinder or help your project.

Implement A Planned-Out Promotion

He who fails to plan plans to fail, and this is no different for a crowdfunding campaign.  You absolutely must have a planned-out promotion in place.  Will you need to tweak and update your plan as you go?  Absolutely.  But not having a plan at all is one of the worst mistakes you can make when preparing for a launch and will ultimately sink your project.

Be sure to share things like what the project will accomplish for the investors, why you can be trusted with their investments, and other relevant details that potential backers will need to know before committing to your campaign.

Take A Bold Approach

It may feel weird to ask people for money, but this is what crowdfunding is all about.  Now is not  the time to be shy.  Offer a clear call to action whether you’re writing a blog post, sending an email, or making a phone call.  People know what crowdfunding is.  Asking for them to back you isn’t going to come as a surprise, so let that give you the confidence to ask them to support your project.

Become A Trendsetter

You’re already an entrepreneur - you’re putting a new project into the hands of the public.  You’re accomplishing something new.  Why not take that enthusiasm a step further by becoming a trendsetter in the crowdfunding world with 360 marketing?

3D interactive marketing is cutting-edge technology that hasn’t been available until now.  Because you’re already on the front lines when it comes to new inventions, you’re the perfect candidate to use digital marketing.  

Photos and descriptions often don’t do justice to new projects and products, so 360 marketing is ideal for crowdfunding campaigns looking for the right backers.  With the help of a company like Canvas Gadget, you can let your potential backers interact with your project from the comfort of their own phone, tablet, or computer.  And with affordable pricing and quick turn-around times, you can start working on your 3D marketing strategy today.

There are lots of crowdfunding campaign strategies around, but by launching to an engaged audience, choosing the right platform for your needs, implementing a planned-out promotion, taking a bold approach, and becoming a trendsetter with 360 marketing, you can feel confident that your crowdfunding campaign is set up to win!