3 Advantages of 360° Product Spins



360° product spins are the new way companies are showcasing their products.  Even though product spins are still in their infancy, they’re already gaining clout as an excellent next step for online retailer to take.

That’s not surprising.  Who wouldn’t love the ability to see all the way around a product to get a better feel for it before they buy?

Some companies such as Canvas Gadget are taking product spins to a completely new level.  Whereas product photography can generate 360° spins, Canvas Gadget isn’t limited to a locked viewpoint and therefore can show a product from any angle, not just the angle at which a camera was aimed at a product.  More than that, Canvas Gadget’s 360° product spins can also be animated, showing exactly how a product works while a customer rotates it and zooms in and out.

360° product spins are a powerful online marketing tool and bring with them numerous benefits.  For starters, they have been proven to increase online conversion rates.  Along similar lines, they’ve also been shown to reduce return rates.  More than that, customers are asking for the interactive experience that product spins provide.

Increase Conversion Rates

There’s no denying that 360° product spins provide a lot more engagement than still images do.  And when customers are engaged with your online content, that means they stay on your page longer.  And the longer a customer stays on your page, the higher the likelihood that he or she will make a purchase.

Not only that, product spins give your online customers more of a “brick and mortar” experience while shopping online.  Product spins are just a new way of fulfilling the old rule of sales that insists you put your product in your customer’s hands.  That’s exactly what you’re doing - only with product spins, you’re doing it digitally instead of physically.  

As an added bonus, when your customers interact with your product by way of an animated product spin, the product spin will naturally answer many of your customer’s questions about the product without taking up your limited time.

Decrease Return Rates

While 360° product spins increase conversion rates, they simultaneously decrease return rates.  Because buyers can interact with and experience your product, they have a better idea of what it is they’re purchasing.  They’ve also spent more time with it than they would have had they simply viewed a few photos.  Familiarity with a product reduces the so-called “buyer’s remorse,” which is reflected in fewer dissatisfied customers and fewer returns.

Dealing with returns and dissatisfied customers isn’t fun for anyone.  So if a tool exists to help reduce the number of items customers want to return, wouldn’t you want to save both yourself and your customers a lot of headache and frustration?

Customers Are Asking for It

If you had the ability to give your customers exactly what they want, would you do it?  Well, with 360° product spins, you can!  Adobe recently conducted a study where they asked participants multiple questions.  While only 27% of those surveyed felt that social media links were useful, a whopping 91% wanted the ability to rotate products 360 degrees at any angle.  

More than that, in the same survey, a full 96% wanted images of all the color variations for a product.  With Canvas Gadget’s 360° product spins, you can give them both, and so much more!

There will be times when customers want things that aren’t available or that don’t align with your company’s core values.  But in the case of interactive 360° marketing, you can give your customers exactly what they’re asking for.  

360° product spins are a fantastic new development in the world of online sales.  From increasing conversion rates and decreasing returns to satisfying customers who are asking for such an experience, product spins are here to stay.  

Are you ready to jump on board with this exciting, beneficial new trend?