Product Photography VS Interactive 3D


If you sell something online, then you know that good product photography is a must.  This widely-used medium educates the customer about your products, brand, quality, and more.  Everyone likes a nice photo.  With just about everyone selling online these days, it's extremely important to have a visually-appealing representation of your offerings.  The competition is high, and the path to success lies in differentiating your brand and engaging online traffic, but photography alone isn’t the best way to achieve this.

Interactive 3D, unlike product photography, gives your customers all of the benefits of great photos but has the added advantages of customer engagement and improved customer education, all at an unbelievably-affordable price.

Engage Your Customer

Interactive 3D visualization grabs your viewer and says “hey, click on this!”  The viewer is allowed to interact with the product, to see it from different angles.  You're converting your audience from a passive viewer into an active participant!  This is very powerful as your audience is now engaged and is much less likely to just click on to the next thing.  You're giving your customers a reason to stay on your site and to spend more time with your product, which ultimately results in more sales.

Educate Your Customer

They say a photo is worth a thousand words, and so a 3D experience is worth a thousand photos.  Does your product fill a certain niche need, or does it a function in a unique way that perhaps people have not seen before?  Photos can fall short in conveying this to the viewer, whereas interactive 3D never misses the mark! Customer education is key to sales. Every potential buyer is looking for something, and showing how your product fits their needs is a must.

Save Your Advertising Budget

Most people do not doubt the powerful advantages of 3D product visualization, but they're hesitant to adopt it due to fear of high costs or complexity.  Well, times are changing, and this is no longer the case.  Implementing a 3D platform like Canvas Gadget into your own website is extremely easy - as simple as copying and pasting a single line of code!  In addition to that, you can even customize everything to align with your brand and look.  And what about cost?  It is surprisingly low.  In fact, you might be paying more for traditional photography or video!  Find out more about pricing here

Interactive 3D marketing has clear advantages over traditional product photography.  In addition to showing customers your quality and branding, interactive 3D also engages your customer, provides better customer education, and saves your advertising budget, too.  It truly is a revolutionary experience to provide your customers with!


After learning about the advantages of this fast-emerging marketing technology, how are you going to use 3d to benefit your business?