Interactive Content Marketing Can Help Define Your Brand

Brand image can have a huge impact on the success of a company, especially online.  For example, a large corporate website like Apple or Google has a certain design and feel.  The use of space, colors, and imagery sets a certain tone for the audience, and when done well this leads to success. Similar to the unique identity of a person, a brand identity is a special thing that can give a business an edge over the competition.  It is the public image of a company.

When done poorly, brand design can have a negative impact. If you have ever run across a poorly designed, perhaps outdated, website while shopping online, you probably didn't purchase anything there. Even if the site contained the desired item, the poor design and lack of thought and care probably wouldn’t inspire trust.  Branding has a powerful psychological effect on the viewer that directly influences their decision to make a purchase, or not.

What Makes a Brand Look Good?

One thing that everyone appreciates is innovation.  Being “ahead of the curve” is always desirable. That's where interactive content marketing comes into play.  What is interactive content marketing? It is an online experience where the viewer interacts directly with the product.  A great example of this is a 360° product viewer or web-based 3D. This allows online shoppers to see the product from multiple angles, zoom in and out, change colors, and if it has moving parts, even see it action!  Web-based 3D can be integrated seamlessly into an existing webpage design. This engaging and innovative technology is perfect for building brand identity!

3D Versus 360 Product Photography

Another type of interactive content is 360° photography; however, it isn’t new.  360° photography has been around for awhile and allows the viewer to see a product from multiple angles, but it is much different the true 3D.  Web-based 3D can show a product in action, something 360° product photography will never be able to do. Here is an example:

Another limitation of 360° photography is because it is photography based, you can't change the colors of the product and the angle of view is fixed. It can also be more expensive than 3D with a longer turnaround time.  This is because an actual photographer has to film the product in a studio environment. Web-based 3D solves all these problems, looks great, and is a fantastic tool to enhance brand identity!

How are you going to use interactive content marketing to help define your brand?